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Be sure to get a copy of my 3D ScreenSaver, CubeShow, from its location on the PC Magazine Web Site. If you have any questions or problems, you might be find the answer at my CubeShow FAQ. I'm sad to report that PC Magazine is now charging for their once-free utilities. Perhaps I can cook up a free clone for CubeShow sometime in the near future...

My book "C++ Programmers Guide to the Standard Template Library" is no more. The obituary gives the details.

If you have a Cisco CallManager phone system, you'll need to buy a copy of my latest book, Developing Cisco IP Phone Services: A Cisco AVVID Solution. I can only take credit for one-third of the book - my co-authors Darrick Deel and Anne Smith take credit for roughly equivalent shares.


Developing Cisco IP Phone Services: A Cisco AVVID Solution

The Data Compression Book

Serial Communications: A C++ Developer's Guide, 2nd Edition


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My day job is now with Cisco Systems, Inc.. I'm working in Dallas, Texas on IP Telephony.

Want to use the code from my book? Check out the liberal code use policy!

Check my FAQ for answers to many of your questions related to topics in my books and articles.

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